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What You Can Expect

Chattanooga Double Decker is the only touring company in Chattanooga that shows you the best scenery, most history, and hottest spots in town. Whether you’re a Tourist or a Local, let us show you why you've gotta double your expectations!

Tennessee Aquarium    

Largest freshwater aquarium in the World and the CDD pickup location for historic tours. Just stand in the center of the horseshoe driveway in front and we'll pick you up!
Hunter Art Museum    

Housed in a combination historical mansion, modern 1970s era building, and a contemporary building of steel and glass, the museum focuses on American art from the Colonial period to present.
AT&T Field    

Home to the Chattanooga Lookouts, a team that once featured the great Jackie Mitchell who, on April 2, 1931, became the first and only woman to strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.
Brabson home    

Once the Headquarters for Confederate General Braxton Bragg, the home was turned into a Confederate then Union hospital during the Civil War. It's also the location of an amazing love story we'll talk about on the tour.
Fort Wood District    

Former artillery site from which the battle of Chattanooga began on November 23, 1865.
Chattanooga Choo Choo    

A former passenger train terminal turned hotel made famous by the popular Glen Miller song in 1941. You can actually spend the night in a train car.
First Methodist Episcopal Church Tower    

This limestone bell tower is the sole remains of the First Methodist Church built in 1885. The church is a great representation of all the caves in the greater Chattanooga area.
Confederate Cemetery    

An 1877 monument dedicated to the confederate dead that were buried here.
Creative Discovery Museum    

A great location to take the kids for fun and knowledge!
The Delta Queen    

This 1926 steamboat guarded the San Francisco Bay during World War II, has been used in 3 U.S. President's campaigns on the Mississippi River, and now rests as a floating hotel in Chattanooga.
First Krystal Restaurant location    

Home of the former 5 cents burger, this location is the birthplace of the well-known Southern restaurant franchise which now boasts over 400 locations.
Fountain Square    

A Memorial to the two firemen killed during Chattanooga’s great fire in 1887. Next to it rests a cannon captured during the Spanish American war.
Chattanooga Times Dome Building    

Former Chattanooga Times newspaper headquarters and the inspiration for the World famous New Year’s Eve, Times Square celebration in New York City!
Moonpie Factory    

The first and only home of the famous Southern snack created in 1917.
Read House    

This hotel is the former overnight jail for Al Capone and home to Chattanooga’s most prolific ghost.
Second Presbyterian Church    

A Victorian Romanesque church built in 1891 and the oldest building still standing built by Chattanooga’s most famous architect, Reuben Harrison Hunt.
Stringer’s Ridge Tunnel    

Built in 1910 by workhouse convicts without the help of one single tunnel engineer. This is the site where, on two separate occasions, Union artillery fired into the city during the Civil War.
Terminal Brew House    

Looking for a great Belgian White beer? Look no further than this famous local microbrewery located right next to the Chattanooga Choo Choo.
Big River Brewery    

Looking for a good Lager beer? Look no further than Chattanooga’s first established microbrewery.
Tivoli Theater    

A Hallmark 1921 movie theater that houses the Chattanooga Symphony, Chattanooga Orchestra, and a number of other special performances.
Underground Chattanooga    

After the Great Flood of 1886, Chattanooga raised the level of the city by several feet to avoid future flooding, thereby creating a makeshift basement out of the first floor buildings and an unusual surge of paranormal activities.
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga    

Established in 1886 and currently home to nearly 11,000 students in 70 different undergraduate and graduate programs.
View from the Delta Queen    

You'll have a great view of Market Street (John Ross) bridge on right and Walnut Street pedestrian bridge on left.
View from Olgiatti Bridge    

Enjoy the Tennessee river, Market (John Ross) Bridge, and the city, which you've gotta see during our sunset tour!
Chattanooga Visitor’s Center    

If you aren’t purchasing your tickets online at our website, than you can purchase tickets here from 9AM to 6PM, any day of the week.
Warehouse Row    

Once a collection of merchant buildings built in 1900 for the huge railroad hub, now it hosts some of the best shops and restaurants in Chattanooga.
Joel W. Solomon Courthouse    

Location where Jimmy Hoffa faced off against Bobby Kennedy’s “Get Hoffa squad”. He was found guilty of jury tampering in 1964 before being sent to prison and disappearing forever.
Coolidge Park and Carousel    

Park on the Tennessee that features a revitalized Philadelphia Carousel built in 1895 displaying classically designed wooden horses and menageries hand carved by local Chattanoogans.
Double Cola HQ    

Chattanooga's original soft drink established in 1933, Double Cola was the world’s first 12 ounce soda, which at the time had "double" the amount of the common 6 ounce sodas.